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Drying, sawing, planing, profiling, cut across the grain, cut to length, varnishing, packaging and transport

Your Woodprocessor

Wood coating

Priming / Finishing 

A high standard product deserves an appropriate finish
HIS BV owns four automatic paint and oil application lines that rapidly apply a primer or lacquer on the wood in a number of layers and every color. In this process we use renowned products, which comply or exceed  the most recent environmental laws and requirements.
These water based products dry very quickly, thanks to our special designed drying systems. That makes the threated product ready for transport in no time. Of course we also work with your supplied products.
If desired, the finished products can also be shrink wrapped in foil.

Oiling Preserving 

The finishing touch of your product.
Besides treating the wood with a primer or coating by choice, we can also take care of oiling flooring boards and apply natural oils and preservative treatments to wood that will be used outdoors.